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Acetylene gas plants of our organization are built to last long and for expansion in the future by adding a few components. The capacity of the systems range from 20 m3/hr to 200 m3/hr. And their capacity can be expanded by up to 20% only. Along with the machines, we also supply installation drawings, installation instruction manuals, operating and maintenance manuals, etc. Spare parts for one year are included, that need to be replaced under normal operating conditions. On the other hand, some specific components if you want are available upon request. Our all plants and equipments carry warranty and guarantee certificates.

With a number of acetylene cylinder filling plants since establishment, our company has become the world's leader in safe, low-cost, energy efficient and high production design. When someone invests in our acetylene cylinder filling system, he/she gets professional guidance from our company on every aspect of plant design, which includes building construction, utility requirements, power supply establishment and specific installation needs. Also, we provide installation and training assistance at our facilities as well as clients’ sites. Our technical association with Cryofusion & Mandressi of Italy also helps us to upgrade our products.

Features of our acetylene gas plants :

  • Compact size
  • Easy to install and run
  • Onsite filling in cylinders
  • Latest technology
  • Fast Start-up and shut-down
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The cylinder filling acetylene generation system is manufactured in accordance with ISO and CE regulations and produces acetylene gas perfect for different industries such as welding industry, medical industry, cutting industry and the list goes on. The technology and simplicity of operation lets the generator to be run only when acetylene is required. We offer supplementary services that can reduce your commissioning, erection and installation time, increase your production, and lessen the risk of accidents.

We understand that accidents can devastate the company of our clients so while manufacturing the systems we make sure that they meet all safety codes and our certified safety inspection criteria. Our engineers manufacture technologically advanced and fully automatic machines and thus leave no room for accidents. We also help our existing customers in upgrading and improving their machine and thus enhance operations and reduce the risk of accidents. Accidents can not only stop production and cost you money, but also can take the lives of workers.

Components of acetylene gas filling plants :

Acetylene generator : Our acetylene generators are technologically very advanced and high performing. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO and CE norms and thus high quality output is guaranteed. In order to ensure uninterrupted flow, the generators have two hoppers to work alternately.

Acetylene compressor : Our compressors are complete with internal and external oil pumps. They are technologically very advanced so perform smoothly for years and keep the health of plants save. Start and stop switches are provided with automatic shutdown upon reaching full cylinder pressure.

Condenser : The Acetylene gas leaves the generator hot and carries along with it some water vapor and other impurities. The condenser works by cooling and purifying the gas and thus condensing the excessive moisture. Cooled water is circulated on the shell side from bottom to top. The condenser is designed and developed to suit all local conditions if sufficient water flow is maintained.

LP Drier :Low pressure drier (LP Drier) is charged with Calcium Carbide for absorbing the moisture in the generated gas. In a situation where a certain amount of moisture is necessary to let the chemical purifier function effectively, a by-pass is provided to permit a part or whole of the gas to be directly admitted into the chemical purifier.

Ammonia Scrubber :The ammonia scrubber removes 99% of the ammonia developed during the process of acetylene generation. Eradicating the ammonia prevents amines from forming and clogging flame arrestors and cylinders.

Purifier :The acetylene gas has to travel through a purifier in order to take out the impurities. If the impurities are not fished out, they would be collected in cylinders. The purifier and scrubber also help in averting impurities that build up in the flame arrestors, resulting in blockings and check valve malfunctions.

Acetylene Compressor :The generator employs reciprocating, oil lubricated, multi-stage, water submerged with intercoolers and an I.R. made compressor for filling in the cylinders. The compressor also comprises of safety relief valve for each stage and is driven by a 15 H.P flame proof motor which conforms to IS: 2148-68 (Gr.II-B).

HP Drier :The high pressure drier removes oil picked up during compression. After alleviating the oil, the gas passes through a special filter, flame arrestor and a back pressure valve. Thereafter, it reaches out to the manifold where every station valve is protected with a flame arrestor each side. In fact, the high pressure drier works on a battery of three high-pressure vessels.

Cylinder Filling Manifold :This holds a battery of filling connections, which are employed to connect gas cylinders. Also, non-return valves are employed to adjoin various sections of the pipeline to the filling manifold.

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